Monday, June 27, 2011

A Meal For The Camping Trail "Hush Puppies to Go"

      It goes without saying "I love to cook". No I am not a chef and never claimed to be.  I am just a hungry Cajun who loves the outdoors and outdoor cooking.  I have tried many different spices and ways to cook not only wild game but a variety or foods.  I have spent two years cooking at camps and outdoor events trying to perfect my own spice blend.  In 2005 I finally got my recipe down to what I thought was a good balance of herbs and spices while keeping the sodium content down to 8% in my original blend.  After successfully taking this blend to market it inspired me to create more products under the Camp Dog brand.  I have since then came up with a milder blend of spice but with 10% sodium for those who still like and can tolerate a little more salt.  I have also come up with a Fish Fry Batter that is pre-seasoned with my original blend.  My latest product is a Hush Puppy Mix and today I will introduce you to and show you how to make 65 to 75 hush puppies with my one pound bag of mix.

One bag of Papa Scott's Hush Puppy Mix
One Egg
One cup of whole milk 
A deep fryer and vegetable oil 
      In a large bowl mix all ingredients together and let stand for about 15 to 20 minutes while you prepare your deep fryer for cooking.  Heat oil to 300 deg. F  With a small spoon drop 10 to 12 spoons of hush puppy mix into hot oil, cook for a couple of minutes are until golden brown, turning them over half way through.  Hush puppies will ball up on there on.  
When cooked, remove from oil and place on paper towel covered tray and let cool, serve with cold milk or beer or put in zip look bags for the hunting or fishing trip.  Enjoy!!!
Scott Perrodin
Head Camp Dog

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