Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rut is On

-Yes The Rut is On-
   In the past 3 weeks things have changed dramatically in our area of Evangeline Parish located in south Louisiana. The sign of rut is in the air. Just look around and there is buck sign everywhere, but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed to bag a buck.  I have put some time in and passed on a few does and a spike but no big buck yet.  From the start of youth hunt until now we have 15 deer harvested in our club, 12 of which are bucks.  Kristina Latour (youth) started it off with a 6 point then a couple of days later this 8 point.
A week later her grandpa Woody gets this 5 point.  
Then they started getting bigger. 
Anthony Lafleur 8 point
                             Emery Fontenot 8 point
 The latest I've seen was this nice bruiser  8 point taken by Bucky Johnson in an adjacent club. This bad boy came in chasing a doe followed by another chase by a smaller buck.  He weighed in at 220 Lbs.
 And me, well I got a bobcat and a coyote...just call be the Varmint Eraticator

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  1. Wow! Those are some nice bucks! Congrats to everyone! And nice job on your bobcat and coyote!