Sunday, January 1, 2012

So what's in your Back Yard?

Knobbhill Hunting?  That's what I found in mine.  It was just a few days ago I got a new addition to my followers list on Twitter, when I checked it out it was a local address so I looked into it further. To my surprise it was one of the guys from a hunting paradise that I never knew existed and was only 7 miles from my home, WOW!  Where have I been?

I work out of town and spend most of my weekends at camp when I'm not at shows promoting my products. Maybe I should slow down and take a closer look at my surroundings this new year.

 It's called Knobbhill Hunting Lodge and it's just across from the beautiful  Chicot State Park near Ville Platte La.

 They offer a variety of hunts such as whitetail deer, hog hunting, duck hunting as well as exotic animals and more, not to mention a 50 acre lake for fishing. Now I'm not into exotic hunts but what a great place to take a kid for their first youth hunt. I think my granddaughter would love to take her first deer in a nice place like this. Check these guys out at and give them a follow @knobbhillHunts On Twitter.

You just might get lucky and have them cook you up some great Cajun meals seasoned with my Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning
Get "U" Some!


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  1. Wow, congrats, Scott! That's great to find something like that so close to home. Happy New Year to you!