Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Biddy in a Bucket

  If you’re like me you're always looking at new innovative products to enhance whatever it is we are trying to accomplish,  whether its fishing, hunting, camping, or outdoor cooking for example.  But sometimes the urge to have these products is much greater than the need, especially when simple homemade stuff will work very well. We sometimes feel if we don't have the latest and greatest equipment we don't feel comfortable going out in the field and enjoying our self.  It's one thing for you to be a couch potato but what about that kid or grand kid that depends on you to take him or her outdoors?  Take it from me it's important not to miss this quality time with your kids, however simple it maybe, they will remember it for life.

      Today I'm going to show you one thing that will simplify those outdoor cookouts with the kids so that you can spend some quality time with them without breaking the bank or taking half the day preparing for the outing.  

      Let's say its Friday night after a long hard week at work and your kid says "hey pop how about we go do a little fishing off the banks of the bayou tomorrow?"  "I could invite Billy and you could cook up something just like we used to do, it would be so much fun."  Well now I'm thinking not only one but two kids to keep an eye on, not to mention dragging out the old camp stove, hoping it still works, having to buy fuel, gathering all the pots and stuff, it just takes all the fun out of it.
      Now  this is where my good friend, Bobby Brooks comes in.  He told me about, what he calls the Biddy in a Bucket.  What in the world is a Biddy in a Bucket you say?  Well, now that I hopefully got your attention I will show you just what I'm talking about & show you how to make one at $0.00 cost, so all you entrepreneurs out there listen up, here's a freebie for ya.

      Now "biddy" is a dialect word for chicken, not sure how that game about, maybe from calling them at feeding time "here biddy biddy biddy" I don't know.

      The bucket can be made with a metal bean can (gallon size) and will cook to protection while you spend time with your kids.  Not only will it cook chicken but will do a small roast or just some sausage links and potatoes if you prefer.     

       First you will need to transform a bean can by making 8 holes in the bottom/side of the can as shown. You could use a drill if you prefer.  Use 8 to 10 quality charcoal briquettes, be sure to place the bucket on something that will not burn, then proceed like any other BBQ for lighting the coals.


       Next you will need a medium to small chicken. Season up your chicken with
Cajun seasoning, I use Camp Dog "hmm" (wonder why), once it is seasoned up double wrap with aluminum foil and set aside.

       Once your coals turn white put your Biddy in the Bucket and go about your business for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the size of biddy.  Do not peek into the foil just let it go.


      Once time has passed remove the Biddy from the Bucket using oven mitts or heavy gloves.  Place on platter and remove foil. You can save the gravy if you are careful. Now, it will not brown like an oven baked chicken but will be very moist and delicious.  Now lets get busy and get these kids outdoors.

  I hope you enjoyed my post and would love for you to try my spices.  You can find us at 
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Thanks for your business
Papa Scott
Head Camp Dog


  1. Great post. I've got to try that.

  2. Tommy I had you in mind when I wrote this, I know you like a good cook-out and you can continue with your work while your dinner is being cooked.

  3. I need to try that too what an awesome post!

  4. Love this idea -- will try with small roast...