Sunday, March 18, 2012

CrawFish, CrawDad or CrayFish

Guest Post by: Iron Cooker

Anyone that reads our blog knows that we try to connect with others that have posted more recent stories & bring our readers the most updated news we can. This morning we were doing our best to connect with friends across this country when a conversation on crawdads came to be a topic of the morning. We do love fishing here in my home state of Michigan; we trap & catch some crayfish to boil but if you really want to know how a good crawfish boil is done you have to go where it is done right.
 In the state of Louisiana they do not take this lightly you know. Well don't take my word for it just look at this recipe for crawfish etouffee that they say it’s the way their mom did it.

They raise them on farms and harvest their catch from sometime in January & continue till late April or may. With Louisiana leading the nation producing over 90% of the country’s domestic crop of crawdads you know they have to know what they are doing when it comes to putting on a fish or crawdad boil. I don’t know about you folks but this just makes my mouth water when I read these articles on a good cookout with good friends to share with. If you are planning a crawdad cookout or a fish fry you are going to want a good kettle to cook them in. We have a great selection of 10 quart enamel coated Dutch ovens or seasoned cast iron kettles to choose from. Leave a comment and tell us your experiences you have with seafood cookouts! 

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