Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fishing Memories

    Guest Post by: IronCooker

Fishing is different for a lot of people. Some fish for a living with big boats on lakes or ocean fishing everything from tuna to lobster & shrimp; while others simply enjoy an afternoon out on a back woods pond watching a loon slowly swim across a lake. Bluegill fishing in evenings is a fun sport and are very good eating too.

I can remember growing up in northern Michigan where we would dig worms in our barnyard every spring so we could go fishing down by a creek about a half mile away. Mosquitoes & black flies so thick you couldn’t see through some of them but we were kids & it was some of the best times I can remember. One time we came home with a huge snapping turtle.  I could go on forever with this story but more interesting than this is the story I was reading that reminded me of our turtle that hot summer night.  I found a recipe for turtle called Turtle Sauce Piquant that caught my eye & reminded me of that huge snapping turtle us boys came dragging home to grandma.
She cooked that swamp monster up in a big cast iron kettle & made soup out of it. I sure would have liked to have tried this recipe back then. So if you are fond of turtles like I have always been, follow this link. From the bayous of Louisiana; you will enjoy this tasty treat. 
 Iron Cooker


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